Monday, 24 November 2014

Economist GMAT: Tips to Help You Crack GMAT Questions in Time

GMAT is tough! Having said that, it is not impossible; in fact, if you practice hard and plan properly you can crack the test like a pro. Considering the difficulty level of GMAT with just two short minutes of having to read, solve and answer a question properly, you can’t be blamed to find simple solutions to help you solve each problem in the GMAT quickly. Although, shortcuts are fine and they may help you find a solution appropriately, it is not always a good idea to rely on short cuts all the time. Instead, it is important to understand the basic concepts and solve a question quickly.

Tip #1

To get a dream score, it is important for you to prepare yourself in a manner so that you can quickly solve a question and get a correct answer. Remember, the test does not just analyze your mathematical skills but also informs the colleges about your problem solving skills. The moment you see a question, use the first approach that comes to mind and start solving the question. This will help you save time and find a solution quickly. While practicing, do not think too long, instead analyze and use the approach you have learned.

Tip #2

Associate a question with a particular category after reading it and use the first approach that comes to mind. Ask yourself if this question focuses on Geometry, Algebra or Number Properties. After accurately identifying, use the techniques you have learned to solve problems of similar category. While solving, make sure to read the question first because even though you are able to find out the category, it is important to keep in mind that you cannot use a particular technique to solve these questions because the solution may differ according to the question.


While solving, also keep in mind that every question is unique and it may draw on number theory, geometry, algebra or any other combination. In fact, it may be solved using different methods or pure logic. Apart from understanding the strategy and giving frequent mock tests, it is also important to make sure to select the right material for preparation. A lot of times, students find it difficult to select a credible course because of high price tag involved with it. To help students study better without burning a hole to their pockets, a lot of websites provide discount coupons. You may look for Kaplan, Princeton or Economist GMAT coupons. For those who are preparing for GRE, Princeton review GRE discount coupon is also available on the web. 


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