Monday, 21 July 2014

Magoosh Online GMAT Prep

If you are planning to pursue a Master’s Degree or an MS in any specialized field, you must be aware of the road that you have to travel to realize your goal. It is important to plan for your career and do the proper research. Entrants to Master’s Degree Program need to be in possession of a relevant undergraduate degree. The next requirement is that you have to sit for and pass the GMAT Exam for you to be admitted. It is important to prepare for this exam and one of the ways you can do so is to go for the Magoosh online GMAT prep.
Online Gmat Prep

What is GMAT?

GMAT is short for graduate management Admission Test. It is an annual test which basically amounts to an assessment of your general skills and abilities that you have accumulated overtime. It is a consistent evaluation method which is employed by business schools and ‘B’Schools in the estimation of the qualifications and skills of candidates. These skills and qualifications are necessary for the advanced level of study that the candidate will be embarking on in business and management. It probes the verbal, analytical, mathematical and writing skills of the candidate.

The GMAT Exam Format

The GMAT Exam always consists of 3 sections. The first one is an essay component which is known as Analytical Writing Assessment. This is followed by 2 multiple choice sections which are the verbal and quantitative

Why Magoosh Online GMAT Prep?

The Magoosh online GMAT course is a course that has been expertly put together to serve the needs of Graduate School applicants. Students who have taken the prep course over the years have been found to have improved their score by an average of at least 50 points.

The Magoosh prep gives you access to:

· Explanation videos that take you through the more than 800 available questions. These questions have been carefully and expertly written and edited to ensure the highest quality and relevance.
· Lesson videos which take you from simple geometry through to passage deconstruction.
· A user friendly interface that helps you prepare without difficulty
· 24/7 support on-line if you have any questions

The prep course is also affordable and available from various affiliated websites. You can surf through the websites and find the best where you get the best savings. You must however be on the lookout for bogus websites. 


  1. I am about to take the GMAT too and I know how hard the test can be. I have been preparing myself by taking an online GMAT prep course to help me get ready. It has been very beneficial to me so far, so I am hoping I can pass the real thing. Good luck to you

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  2. Thanks for sharing such a information.I am also preparing for GMAT and take the help of one of the online website named as GMAT Club where you find information regarding GMAT and management schools along with comprehensive GMAT study material from renowned providers.